Announced at the end of 1919, production of this machine seemed to get off to a rather slow start. It does not show up in company listings until well into 1920 and advertizing for this model appears to be in short supply. Nebraska testing facility did not record testing for the 20-35 until October of 1920. Test results are found under test number 67. Tractor number 3217 posted high fuel economy and proved to be grossly under rated by displaying 34 drawbar and 47 belt horsepower

Playing off of the immediate success of the previously produced 12-20 the 20-35 could loosely be discribed as a “twice the size” carbon copy of the smaller model. Constructive castings were nearly doubled in size and retained the twin cam, sixteen valve, inline four cylinder engine. Cubic inches were moved to 641 with a bore and stroke of 5 ½ x 6 3/4 running at 900 rpm.
This tractor was obviously designed to replace the small end of the aging heavyweight line. The advanced unit frame construction had the transmission and final drive sealed in heavy oil and used Hyatt roller bearings in place of the former bronze/babbitt type. The powerful 9,500 pound 20-35 could effectively replace the 15-30, 25-45 and automotive styled 16-30 with one tractor of a superior design.

A variety of lugs from big angle iron, spade or pyramid were offered along with two wheel sizes.
Standard rear wheel was 20" wide. For road building a “Road King”wheel was 28" wide.

The post war depression was gripping the nation from 1920 through 1923. Many manufacturing companies were lost to a mountain of bills and no way to pay them. Tractor production nearly crawled to a stop at MS&MC during the entire production run of the 20-35. Aside from a few hundred heavyweights the only tractors in production from 1920-1925 was the 12-20 and 20-35.
In an effort to survive, MS&MC signed a contract with three Twin Cities railway providers and turned one third of the plant into a locomotive repair shop. Twenty five locomotives could be repaired indoors at one time under this clever plan.

Twin City 20-35, 1920-1926
Total production, 897 units
Serial # 3201- 4097

TC 20-35 on TC truck
What a load!!!

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